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EP79: Josh Pigford - "We're all winging it" Episode 79

EP79: Josh Pigford - "We're all winging it"

Josh is the founder of Baremetrics. He talks about the pros and cons of running a transparent startup, dealing with scrutiny, and his life as an entrepreneur.

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Josh is the founder of Baremetrics. But he's also just a normal guy. When a relatively well known investor chastised him, it stung.
How does he deal with scrutiny?
Most companies aren’t doing nearly as well as you think they are. 90% of the time that startup that you look up to, envy and try to mimic…they are in fact NOT crushing it.

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Creators and Guests

Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson
⚡ Bootstrapping, podcasting, calm companies, business ethics. Co-founder of @transistorfm (podcast hosting).
Josh Pigford
Josh Pigford
Maker. Dabbler. Spending too much time on AI. ✨🧠 Knowledge: @detangleai🧰 Tools: @toolstashapp🎨 Art: @habitisdead


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