Do you want to reach product people?

Our audience is a uniquely targeted group of product folks: most describe themselves as software entrepreneurs (our 2nd biggest demographic is developers, followed by Product Managers).


We get thousands of downloads per month. This number keeps increasing: generally traffic increases over 60% month over month.

Our advertising rates are discounted as a recurring subscription: you pay a low monthly rate without having to worry about renewing your ad, or paying invoices. It all happens automatically.

Premium Monthly Advertising

Our premium sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Pre-show placement: these are 15-30 second audio endorsements at the beginning of all our episodes. This way, you reach our listeners (even if they only hear the beginning of a particular show).
  • Weekly tweet: you get a tweet once a week about your sponsorship (usually immediately before or after the show is released).
  • A logo/banner + link on our website: your ad will be displayed on every page of our site, in the sidebar (see sample).

What it costs

You can sponsor a single show for $250.

Or, you can sign-up for recurring monthly advertising for $490 (a saving of 51% over the single episode cost).

Or, you can pre-pay for a whole year at $4,900 (a saving of 59% over the single episode cost).

Contact us

Email us at:

On Twitter: @productpeopletv