EP75: Jason Zook on why he’s selling his future

Jason Zook has a different perspective on life and business. He’s not afraid to try weird and crazy business ideas.

In 2008 he started a business called I Wear Your Shirt. Over 5 years he earned over $1 million in revenue from wearing over 1,600 sponsored t-shirts. Following that business, he sold the rights to his last name (he was Jason Headsetsdotcom and Jason Surfrapp for awhile).

Jason joins me to talk about his new project: Buy My Future. Until October 6 people can buy everything he’s ever created, plus everything he’s going to create, for one price.

He explains the motivation behind the project, and how the launch is going so far (including revenue numbers).

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EP74: Tracy Osborn – launching a Kickstarter, a book, a SaaS!

If you want to launch your own Kickstarter, write your own book, or build your own web application you’re going to love this episode.

Tracy Osborn is a serious bad-ass who’s done all three! She’s my guest this week.

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EP73: Justin Jackson – “How I got into products”

I was recently on the Chasing Product podcast with Chris Hawkins. Chris is a good interviewer: he asked a lot of great questions about my back-story, and how I got into products.

There’s this independence and self-reliance that comes from making your own products.

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EP71: Des Traynor on the forgotten job of every SaaS product

Des Traynor is one of my favorite writers and speakers on the topic of SaaS businesses, and jobs-to-be-done.

Notable quotes

“I think not talking to your customers was always a pretty pathological thing to do” – Des Traynor

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