Learn Brennan’s trick for identifying a good market: “find a community, and just keep adding value.” Whether that’s a forum response, blog post, info-product, or SaaS app, learn how choosing an audience and sticking with them can pay off.


  • “Most of my users don’t care that [Planscope] is project management software; they care about outcomes.” – Brennan Dunn
  • “Instead of listing out technical features, which is what [we as developers] want to do, I need to tell a story.” – Brennan Dunn
  • How did you get people to care? How did you get people to notice your product?
    • “My entire marketing strategy is marketing through education. I knew the problems my audience was having, so I started blogging about those problems.” – Brennan Dunn
    • “People don’t buy software just to buy software: they buy software to make their lives better somehow. A blog post is equally able to do that (to make their lives better).” – Brennan Dunn
  • What kind of traffic did you get on your blog when you started?
    • “I got a few thousand views over the months that I was building Planscope” – Brennan Dunn
    • “Blogging allowed me to get out of the code and answer the question: ‘Why am I doing this?'” – Brennan Dunn
  • How did you build your email list?
    • It was a mailing list of 300 people when he launched.
    • Brennan built his list over the 4 months that he was building Planscope.
    • Most of the sign-ups to his email list came from his blog.
    • 1/3 of his mailing list signed up for a trial account (100 people)
    • 25% of his trial users converted to paying accounts (25 people)
  • Where does growth come from?
    • Most of Brennan’s customers have come from his blog posts, and his email list
    • Another important source of traffic: his book Double Your Freelancing Rate.
  • How much money has Brennan earned so far? (as of December)
    • Planscope – $29,904 ($6,000 / month)
    • Books – $35,00
    • Classes – $41,000

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Double Your Freelancing Rate

2 thoughts on “EP12: Brennan Dunn on startup launch tactics (part 2)

  1. Love it, those numbers are crazy. Goes to show the power of focusing on a core group and a specific problem. To get 30 odd customers out of a list of 300 is pretty mind blowing.

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