Rob Walling is the man behind products like HitTail, DotNetInvoice, and Drip. But he also helped start a movement of micropreneurs: solo-founders, who launch their own products. These small startups don’t take venture funding and don’t hire employees. In this part 1 of our interview you’ll hear how he went from consulting, to building products full-time. Learn how you can acquire a product (instead of building it yourself) and why the code is less valuable than the product marketing.

“Building something people want is not enough”, says Rob “you have to be able to market it at a cost less than what the customer will pay you back over time.”

He also talks about how to launch products if you’ve already started a family (wife, kids, and a mortgage).

Rob and Mike Taber host podcast that you’ll want to check out: Startups For the Rest of Us.

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4 thoughts on “EP09: Rob Walling – Get off the hamster wheel, build your own products!

  1. Loved this podcast guys.

    Like you say, a lot of startup advice and stories are for and from guys without families and other commitments.

    Rob’s story really resonated as I’m currently a freelance consultant trying to work out how to get more of my income coming from recurring sources rather than daily rate.

    I also have four kids, a wife, and a mortgage, so getting from A to B is hard for me to even visualise at the moment.

    Thanks for great advice on involving my other co-founder … my wife!

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